Join Us

Membership in Border Community Alliance signals your support for our mission to “bridge the border and foster community” in the borderlands region as well as advocacy for international respect and understanding. Membership has certain benefits including discounts on tours, events and classes; special membership gatherings; and a tax-deduction. See details below.


types of membership for your consideration:

  • Individual membership: $50. Members receive discounts on BCA tours, events and classes. Must be renewed annually. Students pay $25 per year.

  • Family membership: $75. Two members of the same household receive the same benefit as individual members described above. Must be renewed annually.

  • Booster membership: $500. Membership privileges for the donor and four family members for three years. Boosters are also given free admission to selected events.

  • Entrepreneur membership: $2000. Membership privileges for the donor and four family members, plus participation in BCA’s leadership circle events. Membership privileges for five years.

  • Founder membership: $5000 or more. All benefits above with lifetime membership.

Members are assigned an account number when they log in with user name and password. Members can monitor their membership status online or by contacting BCA via email or phone 520-398-3229. Members are encouraged to volunteer their time and to donate in response to special and annual appeals.

Join us today and help us shape a better future for the borderlands!




Volunteer with Us!

The board of non profit Border Community Alliance is entirely composed of volunteers. Indeed, the reason why BCA exists as a NGO organization is directly due to the positive work volunteers accomplish everyday in this world. We truly could not continue to exist without the efforts imparted by volunteers in this 501 (c)(3). Their accomplishments reflect  kinship and community beyond borders and we actively encourage the community of the borderlands to join the non profit team as a volunteer to participate in the pursuit of our mission statement.


The Experience

Volunteering for BCA is a very rewarding experience! Volunteer positions are carefully managed so that no one is left with more than they can handle and what you do makes a difference. Volunteers are asked to fill out an application and meet for an interview with one of BCA’s directors.

If you are interested in volunteering with BCA please contact us at with application, details on your interest and/or CV or please give us a call at 520-398-3229.