Examples of

FESAC/BCA NGO Social Investment Network  Projects

San Juan Bosco Migrant Shelter.jpeg

Albergue San Juan Bosco

A shelter that has been family run for decades and which offers temporary housing, meals, religious services and access to further social resources to deported migrants as well as people who are about to journey into the US.

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ARSOBO Project

A revolutionary organization in the region, Arsobo is redefining what it means to be “disabled” in Nogales, Sonora. ARSOBO’s mission is assisting in alleviating the physical, psychological, and economic barriers faced by individuals with disabilities by providing appropriate, adaptive-technology, low-cost, assisted devices that improve access and participation in their communities.”

ARSOBO is a NGO registered in Mexico and a direct result of the first BORDER CONFERENCE ON DISABILITIES held in Nogales, Sonora, 2008 and sponsored by the Sonoran UCEDD (University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities) at the University of Arizona and DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia) held in Nogales, Sonora, 2008.

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ATIC: Agencia para el Tratamiento Integral de la Conducta

ATIC is a young and innovative civil association, focused on training parents for the behavioral management of their children. Their mission is to provide services with comprehensive treatment for the development of different skills in children with behavioral difficulties.

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DEIJUVEN Community Center

DEIJUVEN Community Center offers an array of services in one of the city’s most impoverished areas where  the youth of Nogales can come to learn and play.

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