Our Board of Directors

Jerry Haas

BCA Executive Director & Board Co-Chair

Jerry is a retired United Methodist minister who has worked as a chaplain, pastor and denominational executive in multi-cultural and international contexts. He values the importance of non-profit organizations and loves BCA’s inclusive focus.

“I have lived in Arizona for twenty-five years but while I knew the challenge of the border, it was only through BCA that I began to hear what Mexicans are thinking and doing and how we can work together. For that I am very grateful.” – Jerry

Martin (Marty) Bronstein

BCA Board Co-Chair
Art Dealer/Collector

Marty’s career spanned over 30 years in Information Technology.  His last position was Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Office for Bank One’s (now known as JP Morgan Chase) Commercial Bank.  In previous roles he managed various aspects of the bank’s data centers, telecommunications and application development.  Marty holds an MBA in Computer Science and a BA in Political Science.

I became involved with BCA in 2014 after going on one of their Cross Border Tours.  I am interested in the activities on both sides of the border and wanted to get involved and help to educate people on the benefits of these cross border endeavors.

Diane Brooks

BCA Secretary

Diane is a retired Nurse Practitioner who lived and worked in San Diego for 23 years. She now lives in Tubac full-time where she volunteers for the Tubac Center for the Arts, Valley Assistance Services, the Tubac Historical Society and the Lowe House Project as well as BCA where she serves as Secretary.

I believe that peoples all over the world share common interests and feelings.  Since I can remember, I have wanted to be involved with other cultures, sharing those interests and feelings.  BCA allows me to be involved and, perhaps, bring about any needed change through that sharing.

Bob Reid

Robert Reid

BCA Board Treasurer
Co-founder & Executive Vice President, SpeedGauge, Inc.

Bob is a sales executive with more than 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley, selling chips and hardware in large scale deployments around the globe. He is co-founder of SpeedGauge and holds one US patent. Bob attended California State University at Fullerton and is a member of the Board of Governors and the Safety and Conference Planning committees of the National Private Truck Council Institute (NPTC), and a founding member of BCA.

“I support BCA to help provide a balance platform on the issues we see along the border” Bob Reid

Peg Bowden, MSN

Board of Directors

Peg Bowden, RN, MS, is a retired nurse living on a ranch in the San Cayetano Mountains of southern Arizona. She is a founding member of the Border Community Alliance, an accomplished watercolor artist, a musician who plays the timpani in the Green Valley Concert Band, and a passionate activist for the rights and dignity of people immigrating to the USA. She has written a book, A Land of Hard Edges, which speaks to the results of a broken immigration policy at the US/Mexican border.

I believe in an open dialogue with Mexico regarding the successes, the joys, the problems, and the struggles of two neighbors who have been inextricably bound to each other for hundreds of years. I supports BCA’s goals which include enhancing the lives of people on both sides of the border.

Patricia L. Trulock

Board Director, Cross Border Tour Coordinator
RN, MSN, MBA Home Health Nurse Case Manager
Pat has worked as a professional nurse in home and community based services for 40 years. Her interests include volunteering with not for profit community organizations and faith based organizations that aim to improve individual, family and community health.

“As a BCA board member I have the opportunity to work collaboratively with individuals and binational organizations with common goals and values.” – Pat

Karon Leigh

Board of Directors

Karon spent 14 years in the commercial printing industry and after relocating to southern Arizona, her career focus shifted to working with nonprofits and small businesses to provide website design and marketing services. She is also an accomplished artist, painting the southern Arizona landscapes.

After a Cross Border Tour to Nogales, Sonora, I was so impressed with the efforts and sense of community and culture there that I knew that I had to help educate, and share the stories of the real life in the borderlands. This is a unique region where two countries of people are so connected and work together. I’m grateful for the work that BCA is doing and glad to be a part of the organization.

Tony Sedgwick

Board Director
Director Santa Fe Ranch Foundation
Tony is a rancher and a lawyer who has resourced a number of non-profits in the border region.

“As a long-time resident of the border, BCA gives me hope that both
sides of the border can work together locally, find mutual understanding and sharing of precious resources.” – Tony

Alexander La Pierre

Board of Directors

Alex works for the National Park Service at Tumacacori NHP. He has worked in the fields of historic preservation and interpretation at multiple National Park Service sites in New Mexico and Arizona. After attending a University of Arizona ethnographic field school in the Rio Sonora region, he became captivated by the depth of culture in Sonora and southern Arizona. His intellectual pursuits include Spanish colonial history, Southwestern anthropology, and Sonoran gastronomy.

I wanted to become involved with BCA because I admire the organization´s mission of becoming good international neighbors through the medium of education and providing first hand experience for people curious about life in the borderlands. I aspire to share why I consider this unique area to be so special with others.

Nancy Bennett

Board of Directors

Nancy Bennett is a native Arizonian, a retired librarian and a former Peace Corps Volunteer. After a 50 hiatus, during which she raised a family and pursued her career, Nancy moved back to Arizona, to Tubac, in 2012. She finds special pleasure in the blend of cultures here near the border and, also, in the natural beauty of this area.

I was drawn to BCA because of its focus on the well-being of the whole of the Ambos Nogales area and because of its many programs which are having a positive impact on the community.

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