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“Stories from the Frontier” – learn about life in the borderlands.

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The Borderlands Forum seeks to promote understanding and appreciation of the Borderlands as a cross-cultural, bi-national resource. TBF will provide focus, energy, and quality to BCA’s educational mission. We want to be a clear, strong voice advocating mutual respect for the cultural tradition in the U.S. and Mexico and for moderating xenophobia and racism.

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Experience the Border

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Introduction to the Borderlands by BCA Executive Director Jerry Haas
Click here to download the pdf.

Arizona & Mexico: Arizona Town Hall Report (April 2016). In 2016 the Arizona Town Hall focused on economic and social issues related to Mexico; the report includes data relevant to development. Click here to download the pdf.

Beyond the Wall, Arizona Daily Star, 2016: Reporters from Tucson’s main newspaper spent months researching the border in response to recent political proposals. The result was a 24 page special section titled “Trump’s Wall: Redundant, Impractical.


Watch A Video

In the spring of 2016 Arizona Public Media dedicated two of its weekly half-hour television programs on issues related to the border and everyday life and trade.

Life in the Borderlands

In the border region of Southern Arizona, there are no borders when it comes to things like water, water, wind, air, animals and even music.
Arizona Public Media has provided this extensive in depth look into the life of the communities and people of the border region providing history and a focus on communication and collaboration.

Visit the Region

The following are some of the historic and cultural sites worth visiting while you are in Southern Arizona/Sonora Mexico:

Historic Canoa Ranch, a Pima County historic site near Green Valley, Arizona where Congressman Raul Grijalva was born and portions of the movie “Oklahoma” was filmed.

Tumacacori Mission, a National Historic Site south of Tubac, Arizona connects you with the rich history of Spanish missions dating back to 1680.

Tubac Center of the Arts in Tubac, Arizona offers a wide variety of performance and visual arts.

Tubac Presidio in Tubac, Arizona gives you an excellent feeling for the 18th century challenges of the area.

The Pimeria Alta Museum in Nogales, Arizona provides an historical perspective on what it means to be a border town.

Imfoculta Art Center in Nogales, Sonora Mexico is an active center for the arts of all kinds

Why Walls Won’t Work

Nancy Montoya of Arizona Public Media interviews author, Michael Dear, on “Why Walls Won’t Work.”  Dear suggests that people must experience the border to have a true understanding of the situation.

Recommended Reading

Cross-Border Tour Suggested Reading List:

1.) The Country Just Over the Fence, Paul Theroux, article NYT 2/26/2012

2.) A Culture of Cruelty: Abuse and Impunity in Short-Term U.S. Border Patrol Custody, No More Deaths, 2011

3.) The Devil’s Highway: A True Story, Luis Alberto Urrea, Bay Back Books 2005

4.) Documented Failures: The Consequences of Immigration Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Michael S. Danielson, American University, Report prepared for the Kino Border Initiative Nogales, Arizona, U.S.A. and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico with funding from Catholic Relief Services of Mexico.

5.) “La Frontera: The Border,” blog by BCA board member, Peg Bowden.

6.) Manifest Destiny | Luis Alberto Urrea | Orion Magazine

7.) Mexico: What Everyone Needs to Know, Roderic AI Camp, Oxford University Press 2011

8.) Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070: A Case Study for State-Sponsored Immigration Policy, an honors thesis by USF graduate student and BCA/FESAC summer 2012 intern Ryan Murphy is available by contacting BCA at the address below.

9.) Why Walls Won’t Work – repairing the US-Mexico divide, Michael Dear, Oxford University Press, 2013.

10.) Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, The United States, And The Road Ahead By Shannon K. O’Neil, Oxford University Press, Inc. 2013