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Join Us!

Membership in the Border Community Alliance signals your support for our mission to “bridge the border and foster community” in the Ambos Nogales region. Membership has certain benefits: a discount on Cross Border Tours and other BCA gatherings, e-newsletter communication and a tax-deduction. Three types of membership are available for your consideration.

  • Student membership: $25 per year and up
  • Individual membership: $50 per year and up
  • Family membership: $75 per year and up

Membership is based on the calendar year, with November as the regular month for renewal. (Those joining after July 1 for the first time will be recognized through the following year). Members are encouraged to volunteer their time and give beyond the minimal amount listed above, as circumstance allows. Join us today and help us shape a better future for the borderlands! Click Here to sign up!


Volunteering for BCA can be a very rewarding experience! Volunteer positions are carefully managed so that no one is left with more than they can handle and what you do makes a difference.  Volunteers are asked to fill out an application and meet for an interview with one of BCA’s directors.

Click here to download the Volunteer application.

Take A Tour!

We recommend taking the Introductory Cross Border Tour as the single best way to see what the border is like and to become involved in the borderlands. BCA leaders have guided these tours since 2010, with consistently excellent evaluations from the participants. The purpose of the tours is to raise cross border awareness and offer you an accurate and comprehensive understanding of Nogales, Sonora Mexico. After going on one of our tours, Dan Shearer, editor of the Green Valley News wrote “…it changed my whole perspective on the border and our relationship with Mexico!”

These tours are unique because of BCA’s relationship with FESAC, a Mexican NGO that functions like a community foundation and with the US Consulate.  Alma Cota de Yanez is the Executive Director of FESAC in Nogales, a dynamic and committed civic leader who inspires all. She serves as our guide, along with a BCA volunteer. Staff persons from the US Consulate meet us at the end of the tour for a final wrap-up before returning to Arizona.

After you have taken the Introductory Cross Border Tour, join us for one of our other tour options. For a list of these, as well as the schedule and registration process, check out the  “Cross Border Tours” page.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Check out the “Make a Difference” portion of our website and the “Learn More” section. Contact us if you have suggestions we can pass on to others. Together we can make the Borderlands a better place!