PRESS RELEASE February 29, 2016,

Featured image: From left to right, Jerry Haas, Executive Director of BCA; daughter-in-law Norma; Gilda, founder of the shelter together with her husband Juan Francisco Loureiro (not shown); Tubac resident Joanna Corrigan.

A Benefit Concert to Celebrate a Remarkable Act of Kindness

For thirty-four years one Mexican family has provided food and shelter for over a million migrants. This remarkable story of incredible dedication and human kindness inspired Tubac resident Joanna Corrigan to organize a benefit concert for the Juan Bosco Shelter sponsored by the Border Community Alliance. This “Festival of Music” will be held at the Tubac Center for the Arts on Friday, March 25 at 6:00 pm. All proceeds will benefit the shelter, thanks to TCA, the artists and the musicians who make this event possible.

It was in 1982 that Francisco noticed a few hungry men running away from the taco stand unable to pay. When confronted, they confessed. Francisco and his wife Gilda decided to do something about this tragedy and the “Alberque para Migrantes San Juan Bosco” was born. Every day, rain or shine, Francisco and Gilda cleaned, cooked and welcomed those caught between home and destiny. Migration is a global phenomenon, as many are desperate for a better life or just a chance to survive. Francisco and Gilda offer a simple hospitality that doesn’t ask a lot of questions, but responses to the need for a hot meal and a bed for the night. Over the years the shelter has grown but the family has continued to be the glue to make it happen. Daughter-in-law Norma represents the second generation’s response to the needs of fellow human beings. And when it is Christmas, her children join her. This is truly a family affair.

Through its association with FESAC, a community foundation in Sonora, Mexico, the Border Community Alliance learned about the shelter and began offering Cross Border Tours, regularly stopping by for a visit. It was in this context that Joanna Corrigan learned about this remarkable act of human kindness and decided to organize this benefit concert. Our immediate objective is to tell the story of this sacred place and raise funds for those in need, but our ultimate goal is to celebrate and inspire compassion in word and deed.

Tickets may be purchased online at with a suggested donation of $25 (tax-deductible). You may also mail a check to the Border Community Alliance, PO Box 1863, Tubac, AZ. 85646. Event Location: Tubac Center for the Arts, located at 9 Plaza Road in Tubac.
Drinks and appetizers will be provided. Special thanks to community sponsors Wisdom’s Café, Elvira’s Restaurant, Tubac Deli, Tubac Market, New Belgium Brewing, and Tubac Jack’s.

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