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Designated donations are also very much welcome and need to support specific projects such as the Internship Program, the Border Youth Tennis Exchange (BYTE) or FESAC projects in Mexico. You can designate your gift when you donate online or when you send a check. Check out other sections of our website for information about the Internship Program and BYTE. Donating to FESAC projects in Mexico via our “Pass Thru Funding for Mexican Projects” is a way you can make a direct difference. You can donate to any specific program described  here or to FESAC to support all programming.

All donations (but not Cross Border Fees) are considered tax-deductible according to the IRS guidelines.

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After you have taken the Introductory Cross Border Tour, join us for one of our other tour options. For a list of these, as well as the schedule and registration process, visit our “Cross Border Tours” page.

FESAC Pass Thru Programs

The Border Community Alliance grew out of relationships with people who wanted to promote bi-national relationships between non-profit organizations. From the beginning BCA had a close relationship with FESAC, a Mexican NGO similar to a community foundation. This unique arrangement allows us to provide pass thru donations to FESAC and to specific organizations that FESAC supports.


The “ARSOBO Prosthetic Workshop & Clinic” in collaboration with the HANGER Corporation fabricates prosthetics & orthotics.

San Juan Bosco Shelter
Migrants in the chapel at the San Juan Bosco Migrant Shelter in Nogales, Mexico. Many of those at the shelter were recently deported or are planning to try to cross the border. Molly J. Smith | NTY Institute

San Juan Bosco immigrant shelter in Nogales, Sonora offers warm meals, showers and a bed to migrants who want to stay for up to three nights.

Casa Hogar Madre Conchita
Boys Orphanage
Down Association
Downs Child

At the Down Association, these parent-volunteers as well as pediatric professionals provide speech and physical therapy to children and teenagers with Down syndrome.

Geriatric Center