Why take a Cross Border Tour?

Since 2010 many people have learned about the border by taking a Cross Border Tour. These one day immersions have proved so popular that we are now expanding our offerings. After you have taken the Introduction to Nogales, Mexico tour, consider joining us for one of our other excursions listed below. Check the schedule and register online through our secure website. Remember to bring your passport.

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Cross Border Tours

BCA offers cross border tours from Nogales, AZ, to Nogales, Sonora, MX for anyone interested in learning more about the area and the realities of community and life in the border region.

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Last season (Sept ‘16 to May ‘17) BCA offered four different cross-border tours, all of which proved to be a huge success! We believe we met our goal: to provide safe, informative and engaging experiences for all of our tour participants. We are excited about our plans for this coming season (Sept ’17 to May ’18) and believe you will be as well.

We’ve updated our tour schedule and have expanded our programming to include new classes and events.

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Thank you so much for your interest in BCA and our Cross Border Tours!

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Tour sites are determined at the time of each tour and can be tailored to individual groups. Some potential stops in Nogales, Sonora include:

ARSOBO Project

Possibly the most revolutionary organization in the region, Arsobo is redefining what it means to be “disabled” in Nogales, Sonora.

Albergue San Juan Bosco

A shelter which offers temporary housing, meals, religious services and access to further social resources to deported migrants as well as people who are about to journey into the US.

DeiJuven Community Center

DeiJuven Community Center offers an array of services in one of the city’s most impoverished areas where  the youth of Nogales can come to learn and play.

Tour Descriptions

Introduction to Nogales, Sonora
Our basic tour. The purpose of this tour is to give participants a chance to see for themselves what Nogales is like beyond the wall with an overview of the region, historically and contextually. The tour begins on the US side with a brief orientation, followed by travel through the emerging, dynamic city of Nogales, Mexico. You will get a sense of the amazing economic development and the rising civil sector, led by Mexicans. After lunch at a local burrito restaurant the tour continues with a final stop at the stunning La Roca Restaurant where a representative from the US Consulate joins us for de-briefing. The tour is led by BCA staff and by Alma Cota de Yanez, Executive Director of FESAC, a Mexican organization that functions like a community foundation.
Gastronomic Tour of Nogales

For the last thirty years people from all over Mexico have moved to Nogales in search of jobs. They brought with them cuisine from throughout Latin America and a surprising variety of options to consider. Several restaurants have been widely praised by discerning Americans for their service and cuisine.


Have you ever wondered what exactly is Sonoran food and how it differs from Mexican cuisine in general? This gastronomic tour of modern Nogales will clarify the regional characteristics of our culinary vibrant southern neighbor in situ while providing a local historical background. Visitors to Nogales, Sonora are often limited to walking distance in the main tourist zones for dining options while visiting south of the border. This tour takes you off the beaten path deeper into Nogales to the gastronomic zone of local Nogalenses centered around the street known as Calle Hermosillo.  This tour is your chance to taste and see for yourself.

Magdalena Then and Now

The historic city of Magdalena lies approximately sixty miles south of Nogales, yet it is a different world with colonial buildings and the rustic feel of the vaquero (cowboy) heartland. Father Eusebio Kino (1645-1711) is buried there. This Jesuit missionary is credited with founding some twenty-one churches throughout the Sonoran region, the most famous of which is San Xavier del Bac near Tucson. Beginning near the border in Nogales Mexico, this tour includes an overview of the rich and complex history of the region with stops at Imuris and San Ignacio before proceeding on to Magdalena. Magdalena’s beautiful plaza and memorial to Kino is surrounded by an artful promenade where shoppers stroll in the shaded walkway. The chapel and church are a moving tribute to the faith of the region, architecturally will done. After lunch the tour continues with a visit to a local school and a chance to dialogue about the local context.

Beautiful Rio Sonora

The intention of this rural tourism opportunity is to provide tour guests with a chance to be immersed in traditional Northern Mexican agricultural life. We will be traveling to the eastern or “old colonial” Sonora river valley which bestowed the name to this northern Republic of Mexico state. This river valley was also the route and northern conduit for the first European explorers of the area such as Cabeza de Vaca, Estaban the Moor, Fray Marcos de Niza, and Coronado. This two-night tour will be based out of the gorgeous mid valley town of Banamichi, where we will stay at the historic La Posada del Rio Sonora. Tour highlights will include a trip to Arizpe and its outstanding Jesuit Cathedral, a town once the capital of the entire north of New Spain during Spanish colonial times. Also included will be visits to the downriver communities of Huepac and Aconchi and their respective missions dating back to the 17th century. In Aconchi, there will be an opportunity to visit the newly renovated famous thermal agua caliente springs below the Sierra de Aconchi. We will also visit a natural building homestead along the river to learn about traditional earthen architecture and the Sonoran Desert ecology. Last but certainly not least, we will enjoy and be surrounded by the local gastronomy, la cocina Sonorense.

Surprising Hermosillo

Travel with us to the burgeoning capital of our neighboring state of Sonora, Hermosillo where we will take in all of the cultural and cosmopolitan opportunities the city has to offer. This two-night stay will provide tour guests with an overview of the city’s history and its significant sights, making the case that Hermosillo is a unique destination rather than just a stop on the way to Gulf beaches.  Guests will experience the Mexican muralist art tradition at the Palacio de Gobierno, observe the Sonoran sunset from the top of the city’s emblematic Cerro de la Campana, and visit the historic old quarter of town, Villa de Seris, world renown for its coyotas, among others. Hermosillo’s modern gastronomy will also be highlighted, representative of the state’s famous ranching and Sea of Cortes fishing economies.

Customized Tours
With advance notice, the Border Community Alliance and FESAC are able to organize customized tours to fit your group’s needs and interest. Some additional fees may be involved and a minimum notice of two months is required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is It Safe?
In six years of leading more than fifty tours we have never had an encounter with violence.  Participants on our tours consistently report that while they may have felt apprehensive before the tour, those feelings disappeared throughout the journey together. News media have tended to emphasize violence in Mexico, yet Nogales itself is considered by many to be as safe as most US cities. Precaution and common sense is always advised, however, as with travel in any city or region. We travel together in a van and we are guided by excellent local leaders.
What Should I Wear?
While there is not a lot of walking on any of our tours, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes. Men in Mexico do not generally wear shorts.  Long pants or slacks are probably best for both men and women. No tank or halter tops or short shorts. You may want to bring a hat and wear sunscreen.
What is the typical tour schedule?
Tours typically begin with an orientation so that you can meet your fellow travelers and meet your tour guide. Schedules vary with most tours beginning in the morning, continuing through lunch and ending in Mexico by 5:00 pm (note that border crossing times back to the US vary considerably; allow an hour though it is usually less than that).
What does my fee include?
Your fee includes transportation, lunch, expert guidance, tax and tips. Tour fees are not considered a charitable tax deduction by BCA since goods and services are provided.
How large will the group be?
Tour groups are limited to 12 to 15 people. This provides a more intimate experience and allows the group to travel together in a van.
Who will be our leader?
The Border Community Alliance seeks to provide excellent tour guides, site leaders and interpreters with extensive background on the border. We are fortunate to have FESAC, a Mexican organization that functions like a community foundation, as our partner. Our goal is to always have a guide from both countries to answer your questions.
Why take a BCA tour?
The story of the borderlands is not often told well, as media tend to offer snapshots of frightening events rather than give a picture of everyday life. The dominant narrative is often negative, yet the region we call the borderlands is historically, environmentally and culturally rich and unique. BCA and FESAC seek to balance the negative narrative with stories of ordinary and extraordinary people, places and perspective. We want you to see for yourself and make up your own mind about this region and its people and consider partnering with us in future endeavors.
Do I absolutely have to have a passport?
BCA requests that all tour participants bring their passport.  While it is true that some US citizens have been able to get through customs without one, using a driver’s license or birth certificate, this is likely to cause delay for the whole group. It is better to be safe than sorry on this one; unless, of course you intend to stay in Mexico!

A Day in Mexico

Tours typically with an orientation where you will have a chance to meet your fellow travelers and hear about the Mexican context today. To provide an intimate and safe experience, groups are limited in size to about a dozen, traveling together in a van with your guides. Your fee includes transportation, lunch, expert guidance, tax and tips. Returning to the US participants know that they have had a significant learning experience. Schedules vary but most tours start at 9:00 in Tubac, returning to that same community between 5:00 and 5:30.

What to wear and bring

• Please remember to bring your passport!
• While there is not a lot of walking, we suggest comfortable shoes. Men in Mexico do not generally wear shorts. Long pants or slacks are probably best for both men and women. No tank or halter tops or short shorts. You may want to bring a bottle of water and wear sunscreen.

Waiver of Liability

• When you arrive for the orientation, you’ll be asked to complete a Waiver of Liability. A copy will be provided to you or you may wish to download and print.

Schedule and registration

Select the type of tour and the date from the tour schedule page. Your online registration is quick, easy and secure!

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