Border Youth Tennis Exchange

Border Youth Tennis Exchange, BYTE

Mission Statement:

The mission of Border Youth Tennis ‪Exchange is to strengthen U.S. and Mexican border communities through youth advocacy, sports, and education across borders.

Program Benefits:

Youth Engagement: Through professional tennis instruction and educational programming for at-risk youths, BYTE offers specific curriculums that instill discipline, commitment, and positive life habits.

Urban Outreach: BYTE promotes healthy border communities through preventative education and safe, close-to-home recreation.

Border Health and Wellness:

BYTE addresses regional public health concerns such as obesity and diabetes by promoting exercise, nutrition, and positive life habits.
Cross-Border Interaction: BYTE facilitates bi-national conversations and collaborative projects to develop relationships that cultivate deeper cultural understanding and cooperation across borderlines.

Border Awareness:

BYTE highlights integrative approaches to border issues and facilitates media attention that increases exposure and support for humane causes in the border region.

Narrative Reconstruction:

BYTE replaces the dominant narrative of narcocultura (drug culture) and violence of the past decade with a narrative that emphasizes cross-border continuity, cooperation and collaborative learning.


Border Youth Tennis Exchange (BYTE) provides after school tennis training and a specialized National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) educational curriculum that enhances opportunities for low-income youth on both sides of the US/Mexico border. NJTL life skills activities are taught in the classroom and on the court and cross-border joint projects and exchanges promote bi-national communities and bi-cultural immersion.

BYTE’s Mirror Development Program invites visiting artists, scholars, and community figures to act as inspirational role models that can also draw attention to regional interests that span across the wall. BYTE bridges the gap between similarly underserved populations in both countries to reclaim prejudiced and destructive border narratives from divisive politics. By empowering global youth ambassadors, BYTE offers a new model for geopolitical interaction and bi-national grassroots cooperation.

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